About Flint & Feather Jewelry

Credits: Jay La Photography

Lauren & Joal Kamps are full-time artisans and performing artists from Calgary, Alberta. Together they own and operate Flint & Feather Jewelry and perform as folk/roots duo Flint & Feather. Lauren and Joal regularly travel throughout western Canada promoting their rocky mountain inspired works, and are always crafting new pieces and ideas.

Lauren started creating handmade jewelry in 2013 shortly after getting married on the day of the infamous Alberta Flood. She and Joal then travelled throughout the Northwest United States performing free concerts for at-risk individuals, all the while creating jewelry from natural items foraged along the way: stones, feathers, antlers, bones, and wood.

Lauren's designs have continued to evolve, now utilizing different metals, real leaves, and dainty woodland charms paired with freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones. The result is a collection of affordable and classy woodland jewelry. Each piece is genuinely created with love, and Lauren takes great care in making, packaging, and shipping.


"I hope that when you wear our rocky mountain inspired jewelry, you'll feel strong and free – and as majestic as the Rocky Mountains themselves!"

Lauren Kamps, Artisan & Performing Artist